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Prices & Delivery

We have a few different options which are listed below with their prices

  • Barrow Gurney LogsBarrow Bag                £40.00
  • Bulk Bag                       £80.00
  • Half Truck Load       £150.00  ( The Half Truck load is the equivalent to 2 1/2 Bulk Bags )
  • Full Truck Load        £300.00  ( The Full Truck load is the equivalent to 5 Bulk Bags )
  • Kindling £4.00 per net
  • 40 Natural Firelighters £5.00 

We offer free delivery within North Somerset and Bristol area to all BS post codes. We are happy to travel further but a small delivery charge will apply. 

The logs are unloaded in the bags but can also be emptied out if preferred.  The truck loads are tipped straight off the back of a truck loose, not bagged. We also offer a stacking service if required but please request this when making an order.  Please note, the stacking service may not be available during busy periods throughout the winter. 

As our logs are very dry, a load will contain small debris such as dust and small pieces of wood and bark.  We would advise you have a ground sheet available to tip the logs onto if you have a shingle drive so clearing up will be easier. However this isnt necessary if you decide to keep the logs in the bags when delivered.  Concrete or tarmac would simply need sweeping off so a ground sheet should not be necessary.                                                                                                                              

Payment Options 

You have a few easy ways you can pay for your firewood. We accept Credit/debit cards or cash on delivery.  We also accept payment via bank transfer but payment needs to be cleared before the day of your delivery.  Unfortunately due to large bank fee's we no longer accept cheques.

Contact us about your log delivery